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Sheep Pen

A secluded area on a peninsula on the south eastern coast of the island. The location silhouette into the Atlantic Ocean and provides panoramic views of the Grenadines. Sheep Pen received its name from because of its favorable landscape for animal husbandry, mainly sheep during the plantation era and to the closest tip of Milligan Cay, a protected bird sanctuary nestled just a few yards from the bay's headland.

Brighton Bay

One of the longest unspoiled black sand beaches on the island.

Goat Point

A former sugar plantation. The Estate now provides glorious views of the dramatic windward coastline. Goat Point sits on a panoramic peninsula that silhouette into the Atlantic Ocean. like Sheep Pen, this area received its name because of its favorable landscape for animal husbandry, namely goats. The estate still houses century old structures from the colonial plantation era.

Diamond Bay

A secluded black sand beach featuring excellent ATV terrain. This beach was once a government ran sand mining operation. However, through the exhausting and dedicated work of locals and international environmental organizations, sand mining was halted in 2010. The bay now offers picturesque views of both the land and sea in dramatic contrast.

Remote Villages

Continues through remote villages, secluded back roads off the beaten path along the southeast coast of the island. It provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of the locals. The tour concludes back at the Ranch where you will be greeted with a refreshing cold towel and bottled water.